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Originally Posted by Adamo99 View Post
I went with the Kicker amp specifically because it has dual sensitivity differential RCA inputs, which are compatible with the stock HK system (without requiring line level to RCA converters). The cabling is easier, and there's less to buy.

Keep in mind, I kept the stock head unit and HK speakers in the cabin. If you're replacing your head unit also, you can go with pretty much any amp that you want. I still recommend the Kicker- as they're a lot of amp for the money - often providing more power than they're rated for.

You can use any subwoofer you want if it's in a box designed for that particular sub. If you're going to build it into the ski-pass opening, you'll be wanting to use a free-air design, so it uses the volume of air in the trunk as the 'box'. Just check to ensure that your current ratings are good (ie: don't plug in a sub designed to draw 1Ohm if your amp doesn't support it).
thanks for the info mate. Basically, i had a sub and amp from my previous car and it's sitting in the garage gathering dust. i dont think it has dual sensitivity differential RCA inputs, it is just a stock amp that takes rca inputs. i also have one of these:

i was hoping to go line to RCA from the HK head unit into the crossover then from the crossover, into the aftermarket AMP which is this one:

Manufacturer: Toxic Car Audio

Toxic Car Audio TX-600 2 Channel 600 Watt Car Amplifier
2 x 300w / 1 x 600w

Bridgeable high power amplifier

Mos-fet switching supply

Built in low-/ highpass x-over

Rca line out

Thermal- / speaker short circuit protection

Will this work?
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