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Originally Posted by BMR2NV
Hi guys recently i have installed a supercharger sysytem to my e46 2001 bmw! I havent don the software yet still getting it done nxt week but the other day just cruising around the auto transmission went into transmission malfunction mode? After turning the car off it went out an rove normally again! How could this be? Im gussing its cause the software isnt done yet? Any one?
I highly doubt that the lack of a ECU remapping is causing the transmission to go into a limp mode. Next thing, I will do is bring your car into a dealer and have them use a GT-1 to diagnose the system again. Never assume a "reboot" on a car and everything will be ok.

Also, try to find out the version of the transmission control unit (maybe there might be an update?) and also the model of your transmission.

Alpina has been using ZF 5-speed 5HP19 in their latest B3 S 3.4L, which outputs 300bhp and 362Nm. I will use that as a upper bound for our steptronic systems as well.

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