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Originally Posted by maurer View Post
Were you able to throw dirt around like that before your muffler delete?
lol yes. I know it's rare to see a bmw on dirt (that's why it's in my sig), but I promise the road was always super smooth. It wasn't rough on the car at all, and I'd be willing to say it was more gentle on it than when I drift on asphalt. It was mostly for daily enjoyment since it didn't eat up the tires and it was less than a mile from my house. A lot of people ended up finding out about it being such a nice dirt road to slide around and practice on. So the city started getting tired of having to re-flatten it, and they graveled it over. Ever since then, I've stuck to "drifting" (I use that term lightly, since some people "say" they are drifting when they really aren't) on asphalt. I will say I wish I had a little more power and an LSD since my little 325i no longer drifts in the higher range of speeds due to little power and no lsd, but I don't really want anything else. She does me well the way she is. Hopefully, I'll have another video up soon of me drifting around this big roundabout outside of my apartment complex at UCF though.

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