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Originally Posted by zcchen View Post
Can you chime in a bit more on your wiring harness part??
JimmyOberg in the other thread said he only spliced 7 wires.. he retained the factory DME for traction, vanos and such.. what about you? I learn from link's website that the G4extreme has anti-lag and traction control like other good ecus, but I guess to utilize all those functions you will need to ditch the factory DME? Which did you do, running both DME and G4 or ditched DME and running G4 alone?
And how many wires do you have to connect for 400+ft like you mentioned??!!
Thanks in advanced!
I'm going full standalone only keeping the stock DME for non-engine functions (and TC , if it works that is..)

The 400 feet of wiring consists of :

4 wires to each COP (6ft*4*6)
2 wires to each injector(4ft*4*6)
3 wires to ICV (3ft*3)
2 wires to each vanos solenoid (5ft*2*2)
3 wires to each vanos sensor (5ft*3*2)
3 wires to TPS (3ft*3)
(the stock M52 TB has 4, i'm borrowing one)
3 wires to map (4ft*3)

And some others to CPS, Cluster , anti-lag switch , speedo , etc

I'm building the exhaust without a cu tout atm , but plan on adding one that will be activated when antilag is turned on to save my cats life

Originally Posted by jacobs323i View Post
dont bother mine cracked at 26 psi
I plan to break the engine in at 14psi so i might leave it there for awhile until i can source someone to build me a stock looking intake..

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