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Originally Posted by GuitarmanTT View Post
No! ITS NOT FAKE. What you have is a limited edition PPO Customized installment #1. Very rare! In fact its the only one I know of! PO is for Previous Power Owner. So the other owner added things to the car to make it to there liking, then added the emblems to let every know its the only one. The problem is they forgot the other custom options and just put emblems on. So its a Limited edition BMW with the Limited edition, power, M badge extra. Some get fender vents like Buick style, or Cadillac style, but mostly fake m3 vents. Your lucky and got off with just the auto zone LE tags. In order to save yourself from certain suicide I would take them off ASAP. All of them Power mostly but the LE and the M unless its actually an M. If its not an M and it says M then its a poser. I hope you don't want to be driving down the road with a poser holding your @$s at 60 MPH. Anyway welcome to the forums! This is all in good (or bad) humor. I hope you don't take it seriously, but really... take the emblems off.
Lol damnnn you really got my hopes up for a second lmao. But thanks a lot for warning me, I thought it might if been part of the zhp package. I'm only 17 and just got into e46 n all so I wasn't too sure:/
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