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Originally Posted by zcchen View Post
Damn! Now I understand what you mean by saying your brain hurts..
But how did Jimmy do that with only 7 wires?.... Oh well, seems like I will go with whichever manufacture that bothers to make me one at least 50% PnP

Although I am not building my internal for the first stage, I couldn't help but search about building BMW machines and found this:

I know it is an S85 not M54, but both are Al-Si materials.. They talked about how you need to take extra care when boring these machines.. Is it a secret? A well-known fact that most machine shops know? or some pure commercial BS?
Did you take care of this??
I might even just do drop in piston if it is that hard to bore an M54 and I have not found anyone I can trust back in China..
Jimmy has the cheaper link , which doesnt support fully sequential injection / spark.
Thus he only have to wire up 3 units of each, that's still alot of wires.

Maby he meant wire-pairs ? (3 inj , 3 spark , 1 cps)
If he went with staged injection there would be less injectors too..

As for the cylinder boring , i had the machine shop check the roundness and it was deemed that i didn't have to bore it out , i just had the re-hone it and check the block to head surfaces for abnormalities.
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