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Originally Posted by LeMansteve View Post
Interesting observation. Some cars are more limited than others. It's all relative!
Theory of Relative Limitivity?

What I want to know is, at what point does a car become an edition?
Like companies that buy cars to basically do what OP's previous owner did to his car. I have noticed the ford mustang is extremely vulnerable to this. Some companies Base cars are the same are the original mustang except for the badges.

Here is another thought. Could there ever be a individual car owned buy a normal person that added the perfect mix of aftermarket options and parts to the car so that it was more desired among the e46 community? Everyone try's to make it the way the want it, But honestly most the stuff it rice crap that destroys the cars value.

The only owner modified car I have seen so far that I would spend allot more money onis the blue 4 door m3 that some guy built. Its so well documented and done I think its a part of e46 history. m3 sedan
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