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here is my update. I was cleaning out my engine bay yesterday and I was like "what the heck...let's give this a try."

I decided to clean my connectors with electrical cleaners and "tighten" the female electrical prongs yesterday. I did this to my MAF, DISA, Exhaust Camshaft Sensor, Exhaust Camshaft solenoid, Intake Camshaft Sensor, Intake Camshaft solenoid, and crankshaft sensor connectors. I took my car out for a test drive and "WOW....i fell in love with my e46 again." be fair...I am not sure if the gain/restore in performance is all psychological or whether it is attributed to the electrical contact cleaner. All I know is that I enjoyed driving my car again. I drove it for 45 miles in the country roads for about a hour with a huge grin on my face.
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