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Originally Posted by Nando779 View Post
Did it this morning. I was pretty skeptical at first but I can honestly say it made a difference for me. The pedal is more responsive from a dead stop. It used to be hesitant to the point where I thought my first gear or TC was showing early signs of dying. I am pretty surprised it made a difference but it did. I will point out that along with adjusting the metal prongs I also sprayed the 2 Vanos connectors and MAF connectors with some electronic cleaner. Thanks for sharing this OP.
I just did it out of past experiences. I was shocked at the difference I felt.

Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
here is my update. I was cleaning out my engine bay yesterday and I was like "what the heck...let's give this a try."

I decided to clean my connectors with electrical cleaners and "tighten" the female electrical prongs yesterday. I did this to my MAF, DISA, Exhaust Camshaft Sensor, Exhaust Camshaft solenoid, Intake Camshaft Sensor, Intake Camshaft solenoid, and crankshaft sensor connectors. I took my car out for a test drive and "WOW....i fell in love with my e46 again." be fair...I am not sure if the gain/restore in performance is all psychological or whether it is attributed to the electrical contact cleaner. All I know is that I enjoyed driving my car again. I drove it for 45 miles in the country roads for about a hour with a huge grin on my face.

I don't think it's psychological since several people; myself included have noticed exactly the same. Also, make note that the alternator, engine harness iirc share the same plug types.

I'm just since I haven't spend a dime on engine mods and the car just keeps getting stronger, smoother and more responsive with every small tweak and fixing nuances that would otherwise be there after dumping thousands on bolt-on engine mods.
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