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Originally Posted by Optio View Post
I was skeptical too, but it does work and brings back the engine to its original state.

I believe that the issue is this..........

The contact width are set to the high side of the spec. The signal that is traveling across these contacts is quite weak. In other words, the current draw is very small. The device of interest, is not receiving the full signal strength from the PCM. Hence the sluggish performance of the VANOS. The best analogy that I can think of: Measuring the resistance of a conductor with a DMM. You will obtain one value when gently touching the conductor with the leads and a different reading when you press hard.

GREAT JOB OP on the find
Exactly! pretty much sums it up. It would also not hurt to clean the OEM grounding strap contact areas. and perhaps add additional ground wires.

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