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My Ride: 2001 325iT
Wheels and ground clearance?

Originally Posted by jwm5 View Post
Here is my contribution...

year and body style: 2003 325iT wagon
setup being rated: H&R Touring Cupkit
adjustments: N/A
additional aftermarket components: Turner Motorsport RSM. OEM 15mm rear spring pads. OEM front strut reinforcement plates. OEM rear shock reinforcement plates. 60mm OEM M3 FCAB with 60mm CAB holder.
additional info: car has about 65k+ miles
preferred ride style: Little body roll in turns, yet still compliant over bumps
would you recommend this setup? Yes
price paid, including installation (if applicable): Sorry not sharing got the suspension on closeout from TireRack for $406, but I had it installed with a few other items so total install cost more than the actual Cupkit cost.
ride comfort: If stock non sport is 10 -- 9 -- slightly harder than my stock non sport on some bumps, on others it rides better
handling: lets say my stock non sport was a 4 this is a -- 7 -- controlled body roll well, feels more confident in turns, but I am still planning on doing aftermarket sways in the near future.

This is a fantastic setup I highly recommend to anyone. My car was on stock non-sport suspension with 65K miles. The cupkit feels only slightly harder on certain bumps in my daily route, yet on other bumps it rides better than stock. As you can see in the pics below the drop is good. H&R lists the drop at 1.3" front and 1.2" rear. My actual measured drop is near 1.75" front 1" rear (with 15mm spring pads vs stock 5mm). The wheel gap all around is right about 1 finger, so visually it is an even drop which I wanted. My front lip spoiler occasionally bottomed out on the stock suspension so with the added drop I am having to really be careful on bump and driveways.

Here is a pic of the kit...

Pics of car...

Beautiful car!

I have an 01 325iT w/ Bav. Auto. springs and Bilsteins. They said 1-1.5 drop; I don't think so. With stock wheels and tires (205-55-16) I have about 3.5-3.75 in. ground clearance in front. Speed bumps are treacherous! I'm guessing the actual drop in front was more like 2+ in. This is too much drop for springs this soft.

What size wheels and tires do you have? What's your ground clearance?
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