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Ok, I suppose I owe this great thread my review:

year and body style of car - 2001 325iT (wagon)

the suspension setup you are reviewing - Bavarian Autosport "performance springs", Bilstein Sport shocks.

if it is an adjustable setup, mention how it was adjusted and what range of adjustment is possible - non-adjustable

any additional components on your car that may affect ride quality (aftermarket rims/camber adjustments/strut bars/sway bars/etc.) - Hotchkis hollow front sway bar, stock 16 in.wheels with 205-55 Falken Ziex, Ebay Schnitzer knockoff strut brace.

any additional info about the setup (miles driven/amount of drop/etc.) - front dropped at least 2 in, rear about 1.75 in.

the ride style you prefer - moderately stiffer than factory, compliant enough for rough roads

would you recommend this setup? - No, because the front drop is too much in relation to the softness of the springs. Otherwise the ride is very nice and controlled, lean and turn-in are acceptable with the Hotchkis bar.

price paid, including installation (if applicable) - $724.27 from BA, $412 install.

based on a 1-10 rating scale, describe the following categories:

Ride Comfort - 10

Handling - if 100k mi. factory springs and shocks were a 4, this is 7.

and finally:

a paragraph about your experience with this specific setup - Main complaint is too much front drop and resultant scraping over speed bumps, etc. BA advertised only 1-1.5 in drop which would have been fine. Next time I will go for stiffer spring rates and same or less drop. Handling was loose with equal tire pressures and stock sways; stiffer front bar made it neutral and turn-in is crisper. Bar is set on middle stiffness adjustment.
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