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Originally Posted by Basketcase View Post
you didnt like the feel of this shift? curious to explain?

PM me your best price shipped to Toronto Canada
I have this FS on the m3forum as well and got the same question. Here was my reply:
As far as comparison; many have said it on the forum - the AS is crispier and more precise in its shifts. I have the 30% reduction which is actually a bit of a longer throw than this UUC. In hindsight, I do like the AS better, just not sure if it was worth it to spend the money I did on the kit (399) and installation (350) because it's not THAT much of a different feel. I do love the AS (particularly the engineering behind it) and can definitely see how it would be a HUGE improvement over stock, but less so over this UUC. To me it ultimately seems that a good SSK is just that, with only slight differences in aggregate feel.

Would I fork out the cash to update to AS from UUC again? Knowing what I know now, no, unless I had tons of it sitting around crying to be used for something.
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