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Originally Posted by King Kashi View Post
I JUST PUT MINE IN TODAY !!!!... to be honest u guys, i have a E46 with sports package, if u have a sports package, the RIDE QUALITY on the ROKKOR is EXACTLY the same.. just TINY WINY bit stiffer, but so far I LOVE THE RIDE QUALITY, when i bought them, that was my biggest issue, but after feeling the ride quality, its GREAT, VERY VERY VERY CLOSE TO STOCK, but i ran into sooo many problems, thats y i named my car PROBLEM CHILD haha, sway bar links needed to be changed cuz the stock ones where to long, for u guys who run into that problem, u can use E36 M3 end links, and also i lowered my car on STOCK 17's and my wheels hit the coilovers so i needed to higher the front end cuz spacers were out of the picture @ the time all stores where closed. So i need to pick up 13MM-15MM spacers, but other then that. u guys should be GOOD. im about 5 inches off the ground, after the spacers im ganna drop 2 more inches, looked great b4 i had to raise it for the clearance.

just rmr b4 u guys take them to a shop for installation, get E36 M3 sway bar links, also 13-15MM spacers, and for some reason if u guys wont need them, u can return them. good luck,
what came in with your rokkor coilover set? Because it seems like i am missing something. it looks like i will need shorter end links. but It looks like I need the rear top mounts, and the front mounts. is that right? What came with your purchase?
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