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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
Are you able to read the contents of your own DME? Might be a good way to finally quantify the differences between the US, EU2, and EU3 tunes (and perhaps said differences can be "ported" to the MS45.1 cars which technically don't have Euro equivalents)
This post answers that question

Originally Posted by HakenTT View Post
Tuning BMW obd2 ecus is not that hard, problem is having proper software that will take your downloaded flash and display proper maps and then calculate proper checksum when you change the data on the desired maps. People in europe are already flashing their bmws all the time, I got various euro tunes, but here is US I haven't found any so this tells me that BMW community is not up to the task yet.
I have been tuning nissan and bmw ecus for 8 years now, all tho I don't have an OBD2 bmw I am willing to help the community but you will have to help me too with information.
If someone has a stock flash, and tuned flash file, I could compare the files and in that case make a definition file for tunerpro software, this was the same version of software can be tuned any way you like. Problem is that there is too many versions of stock software and the definition file would have to be made for each version of ecu and version of ecu software.

In this example lets take raymond3080 stock (Ms43) ecu downloaded flash, it is 64kb size but the full flash in that ecu is about 4096kb, a huge file that would take hours downloading from the ecu, so I asume galletto just lets you download the good stuff portion of the file and that is map area. raymond3080 software version is 430064 and that is very important to put down and the flash file should be designated as (.bin) file. Some people say that they can't download the flash that is stops at some point, and some can't even flash it back. This is because the ECU requires minimum of 12.7volts and the car battery is about 12.3v even less if it is left for few minutes with key on engine off to dowload the flash. The uploading the flash requires even more voltage to properly flash it, this is why bench flashing is recommended with about 14 volts on tthe ecu using special made adaptor and voltage supply unit with minimum of 500mah.

From my experience with OBD1 bmws files I was able to find some maps in the raymond3080 stock file and I have made definition file for tunerpro software. I would have to see the comercialy tuned flash of the same version of software to know more.

So for now you can see some maps in raymond's file, go to and download the software tunerpro for free, then load the XDF file, that is definition file then load the raymond's file, you will need to search "all" files sense raymond made his file a .dat instead of .bin

This forum does not let me post Zip files so PM me and I will send you the file.
so hakken,

based off of that can you compare the us version to euro 3 and eu2 version for differences? or does that only apply to same version tuned files?

I imagine you need the same version simply because the hex code will be in the same spot where as different version reference different hex code locations for the same features. correct?

I really want to get to the bottom of this.

With bimmerfest east comming up I could kindly ask people with tuned files to let me take a dump of their DME. and we would have tons of files to play with.

Pa soft can read a range of hex addresses and output it to a .bin file. I saw you mention you know what the beginning and last address is for the relevant data. If that's te case we can use pa soft to gather tunes. Right?

If that's the case we can start creating xdf files for the latest DME versions. And some older versions.

With some instruction I can assist with xdf files. I imagine the cracked version of winols can be used to sort out the checksum. Do you know if winkfp only updates the 64kb section of the DME? If thats the case then unchecking the checksum flag within winkfp will allow us to flash our own modified 0pa/0da files.

Also have you taken a look at 0da and 0 pa files?

Maybe we can figure out a way to use winkfp to inject our own tuned code into the DME without complication.

Who knows. Wouldn't it be cool to write a vb or c program that all you have to do is open up your bin file and simply select the mods you have done to your car, alter speed limit, rev limit, sap removal, 02 removal etc? with a click of a button once we figure out the code? Dump the output file into WINKFP's software stash and flash it ourselves without a bench and in under 30 minutes?

Here are some oda and opa files that are the latest euro 3


7545670,7503718,7545150,A,7539692DA,0FFFFFFFFFD,134,1 3

EDIT:I tried pasting the hex code contained in the files but that ended up braking the thread so I can e-mail you the files so you can take a look. Hakken.
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