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Originally Posted by Ivegotissues666 View Post
Step 5: Once you made your socket connector crimp the ends with those blade connectors and connect the + to the Red/Blue Wire Barrier terminal and the - to the Brown Wire terminal. I did not have to extend the wires of the socket connector on the passenger side the length of wire was more than enough.

I'm trying to install the footwell lights, i already ran the wires, but as i was supposed to connect the wires to that black box, i realized there was not enough free spaces, atleast not for the ground and not for the combo with with the red wires with blue strip, this one had only one empty slot.... how is it possible.
Looking at the black box in the picture, there's allso 2 more of those black combo connectors than in my car...
Anyway i connected the lights ground wires to the ground points under the front seats, and one of the red wires to the box...
Can i connect the remaining red wire to any of those combos or do they all have different functions? or does it have to be the combo with red wires with blue strip?


OEM OBC retrofit done, OEM front arm rest done, OEM cup holder done, OEM footwell lights done, OEM rear power windows done, LED Interior lighting incl. License Plate done, OEM Rear-View Mirror w/nose w/auto.dimm done

To Come: OEM Alarm, Xenons w/AE's w/autom. levelling, Rain sensor, Light sensor, Projector fogs, OEM Sunroof, Speaker update+ headunit, OEM autom. air-cond. OEM rear seats w/armrest.

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