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Originally Posted by 217Bimmer View Post
if you don't believe that human activity is contributing to a change in the earth's climate, you are an idiot. simple as that.
Originally Posted by evolved View Post
Very true, but it's a question of the impact that we are having.

I don't disagree that we are impacting the environment, but I don't think that the western world is as guilty as everyone would like to believe we are.

Russia, India and China have atrocious environmental records.
They have levels of pollution in those nations that we have never seen in the states, Canada or western Europe.

Despite our levels of consumption, the West still has clean air, clean water and safe transportation. It was the US that first insisted on a catalytic converter for cars and the US that first adopted the EPA (by Nixon). And we led the way with the Clean Water Act and numerous laws to protect our marshlands, waterways and even our public dumps have regulations.

The air in South western Canada and the American Northwest does not meet EPA standards for clean air in many areas. Why? Because the air from Russia, China and India travels in a circle , in a northerly jetstream and carries its pollutants with it.

Do you realize how polluted it must be if it is so nasty after traveling so far?

I don't think it is necessary for the US and the West to raise our standards for pollution control as much as it is important for Russia, India, China and other nations to raise their standards to ours. And enforce the standard. That would have a greater impact than anything we could do.

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