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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
That's incorrect, there are several European presidents and politicians who prominently refer to AGW theory as bunk.
Global warming or not, fossil fuels will not last forever.

The Chinese have taken the issue very seriously. They are now the worlds leader in installing, producing and investing in clean energy. The one thing China has going for it that Western Nations don't, is it has no political grid lock or multiple parties to deal. Decisions are made based on the general welfare of the Nation, not special interest.

The American media never really talked about this, but the reason the Chinese walked out of the climate summit in late 2009, was because it was ticked off at America for not doing its fair share and then demanding that others do more.

China is now the largest manufacturer and exporter of clean energy technology. The United States has slipped and is now behind both China and Germany. With a dysfunctional government, it's pretty much guaranteed that the U.S. will not pass a new aggressive energy policy in time to compete in the global market. The one industry we should be leading on, is the one that we will find ourselves dependent on other nations for. All this while our Congress can't even come together on a f'ng increase on the debt.
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Chad's car is being taken care of and I can tell you when it comes back he and his car will be your worst f***ing nightmare.

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