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Originally Posted by 'busa View Post
No, I don't.
No pal, chief!

Oh, goody. Work already done and posted. Climategate was completely debunked and all scientists absolved of all wrongdoing. Science was determined to be sound and solid.

See how easy that was!
This was just as easy.....

In the first half, research scientist Dr. Roy Spencer argued that new NASA satellite data contradicts global warming models. The satellite data showed that during a warm year, the Earth actually loses energy/heat into space much more so than any of the climate models that the UN used to predict global warming, he reported. The satellite data also suggests that cloud cover would further act to cool temperatures, rather than heat things up as the UN climate models predicted, he continued.

Spencer also talked about his new e-book, Fundanomics, in which he contends that money is not wealth, but just a means of exchange. Prosperity or wealth is achieved by people having the freedom to produce as much "stuff" for each other as possible that is needed and wanted, he explained. He further suggested that the disparity between the rich and poor acts as a motivation for entrepreneurs to take the risk that will raise the standard of living for everyone. Government inefficiency hurts the economy, and goes against free market ideas, he added.

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