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Originally Posted by MotorWerkz View Post
Cartier is getting good at watchmaking, the problem is that people mindset cant change about its brand image.
^ Very true. For some people this whole thing works in reverse to Cartier's advantage though.... for example my father-in-law (who knows nothing about watches) thinks his Cartier roadster is the epitome of watchmaking and often reacts to seeing what I am wearing (Breitling, Omega, Panerai, B&R) with a comment like "Someday if you save up you can get a real luxury watch.... I have never heard of your ___ (fill in blank). Cartier is real quality... who would pay so much for a plain watch like that? (referring to PAM)"

From Cartier's viewpoint they are probably happy about appealing to the masses rather than getting "props" from WIS.
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