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Originally Posted by Drewdown View Post
Sedan fitment CSL style trunks are all like this. None of them(to my knowledge) follow the curve of the OE/Coupe CSL style trunks. Having worked on multiple sedan fitment FRP and FRP/carbon covered CSL trunks, I can vouch to say that they have all had the less aggressive slope on them. They were all from different vendors. DADON4SHO, maybe you should do your own research before calling out forum sponsors. Maybe you're not wise to this yet, but one company made the mold and whored that mold out to multiple companies/vendors/specialist figuratively speaking.
you but hurt brah?
i have a sedan. and my trunk has a MUCH more aggressive curve. Why are you d1k riding the new sponsor? you want other members the be miss informed? and think they are buying a csl when they are not? that was the hole point of my 1st post.

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