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Has anyone upgraded their firmware? My CK3000 is at 5.11C. The cheapest I could find for the Parrot update cable is $47 on eBay...

I stopped at a local car accessories store that is an authorized Parrot installer and was told they only have the cable for the MK9xxx series. I'd rather pay $50 to an installer than pay $50 for a one-time use of the cable.

Anyone purchase the update cable inexpensively?

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Android 2.2 and up does support bluetooth voice dialing, but there is a pairing issue with Android devices and the CK3000 if you don't have the latest firmware on the CK3000, version 5.25C, you might not be able to connect and pair successfully. I recommend either upgrading your firmware or check to make sure you can pair and connect before you buy the Evo.
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