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Dyno from a while ago. I know it's not particularly useful since it's uncorrected and there's no torque graph or RPMs. FWIW, other people there that day said that the numbers they were getting were generally in-line with what they've got in the past (generally slightly lower). I do remember it was quite hot that day. I was also on pretty shitty gas for whatever it's worth.

E46 M3 with Euro headers, Euro cats, and European DME tune. If you do a little bit of math, it looks like the torque is somewhere around 240-245. I do want to repeat the dyno, especially since now I know where I can get the RPMs from. They say I should be able to get 290-300 with these headers - since the car has had time to adapt since the dyno I'm thinking maybe my numbers will be better next time.

I don't think the A/F ratios are right btw, so ignore those.
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