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[QUOTE=mvrk10256;13426177]I use tunerpro on my e30 and OBD1 applications. I have used WinOls to find the edges of the maps, and then you create an XDF from that. I am curious about the hardware - with the obd1 cars you need a EPROM device so you can read/write/adjust at will. I have never dissassembled and OBD2 ECU but I wonder if they have the same thing inside? Because if all the information is stored on one chip like it is on obd1 cars then how can you overwrite it. I assume the obd2 ecu used a programable memory - or how else would thing slike the shark injector work.[/QUOTE

The OBD2 DME has programmable memory in which with the apprppriate tool you can extract the 32kb file which contains the necessary (most of them) files to tune such as fuel, timing, etc.

As for the hardware, you can use the Galletto 1260 or MPPS which you can get on ebay and the price of the MPPS unit will depend if the unit is a china clone or a European clone (this is the one i purchased to be on the safe side)

Honestly, i have these tools and also have WinOLS, but have not been able to understand what maps control what and you have to do some serious reverse engineering to comprend and be able to identify and properly modify. At this moment, i am not even close to doing any type of customization at all.


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