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Okay, so here is a list I decided to throw together for all you people who want to build your own ARs and want the tools to do it.
I have put together a BASIC list, and an ADVANCED list. The basic list is a bare minimum of pieces I feel you would need for putting parts together only. The advanced list is for advanced installations, as well as maintenance, upkeep, and advanced armoring services.

Armorer's Bench Block $16.99 (you can cheap out and use 4x4x2" piece of wood if you want)
Gunsmith nylon/brass hammer $19.99
Armorer wrench $29.49
Upper receiver/lower receiver vise blocks $45.00
Front pivot pin installation tool $15.99
Roll Pin Punch set (1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32) $13.99
Bolt Catch Pin Punch (shaved) $15.99
Kroil $9.99
Allen/hex wrench set $6
Vise $79.97
Torque Wrench - ft/lbs (1/2" drive) $79.99
Total: $333.39

ADVANCED Kit (all of the BASIC, plus the following):

Flat Pin Punch - 1/16 $4.99
Flat Pin Punch - 3/32 $4.99
Flat Pin Punch - 1/8 $4.99
Gas Tube Pin Punch $5.99
Nail Setter Punch - 3/32 (for FSB taper pins) $1.94
Center Punch - 5/32 (for staking carrier key/castle nut) $7.99
Gas Tube Wrench $22.99
Carbon Scraper $22.99
Bolt Tail Radius Scraper $19.99
Gas Key Staking Tool $70.99
Needle File - Flat/Fine (for removing staking burrs) $7.10
Bolt Ejector Takedown Tool $44.99
Snap Ring Pliers (for your delta ring) $15.99
A1 or A2 Sight Wrench $8.99
Roll Pin Holder Set $49.99
.223 Broken Shell Extractor $19.99
5.56mm Headspace "FIELD" Gauge $16.99
5.56mm GO/NO-GO Headspace Gauges (not needed, but nice to have) $57.60
Firing Pin Protrusion Gauge $35.99
Chamber Mirror $14.99
Needle Oiler bottle (for the Kroil) $11.99
Front Sight Base bench block $39.99
Magazine Feed Lip Gauge $59.99
Barrel Nut Alignment Gauge $5.99
Torque Wrench - in/lbs $79.99
Brownells CAR-15/M4 Buttstock Wrench $79.99
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DinanTronics Stage 1
Dinan Free Flow Black Tip Stainless Exhaust
Dinan Lowering Springs and Bumpstops
Dinan 20" Black Performance Wheels

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AR15/AR10 Armorer/Advanced Armorer
Glock Armorer

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