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Originally Posted by Serbonze View Post
Are you having issues with your current mil-spec trigger, or building a SPR?
Currently don't have a trigger just doing research and buying right now. But I was looking at lower parts kits and triggers. But if Spikes Battle comp trigger is nicer than the one that comes with their standard parts trigger i don't want to regret not upgrading it from the beginning. I'd rather buy everything right the first time and have my perfect rifle.

Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
Those two triggers are a bit different. The Battle Trigger is basically a mil-spec single stage trigger setup. It breaks from 5-9lbs on average, which is the same as a mil-spec trigger (avg break on those is ~7lbs). They do say that the average is in the 5-6lb range, which is better than the 7lb average of the mil-spec setup. I would take this over the RRA 2-stage any day of the week.
On the other hand, the RRA 2-stage trigger is a match trigger designed for National Match competition. In general, I recommend staying away from 2-stage triggers for anything other than precision applications. The trigger tail is not very robust, and breaks are very common with moderate to heavy use. Also, at $120 it is an expensive investment for a part that tends to lack durability. I would stay away from most 2-stage triggers.
If you want a lighter 2-stage, the only trigger worth buying is one of the Geissele setups. Look into the SSA Combat Trigger, Enhanced SSA-E, or the Super Dynamic versions of both. They range from $170-225. They are beefed up and far more reliable and durable.

I'm not going to be shooting any national competitions anytime soon and this will be for paper punching for 50-200 yards (what i have easy access too 99% of the time). So it sounds like a good single stage trigger would be my best bet.

Thanks for the input...i've been trying to read and read as much as possible about AR builds and WTF i want but it's going to be a long learning process. I did find somebody local that will help me build the whole rifle which should help me learn a lot and won't have to buy all the tools as well
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