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Originally Posted by TxZHP04 View Post
Is the battery being drained when the car has been parked for long periods without starting (you mentioned 5 days) or is the car being driven some? If the car is being driven, you need to make sure that the alternator is properly charging the battery.
^ What this guy said. In sleep mode you're under 50 mA of draw so you have no real parasitic current draw present. I'd look at charging voltage with that Fluke meter you have. Run the car with the meter at the battery (or underhood terminals) and view the charging voltage, should be low 14s or high 13s V. If it is, load up the alternator, turn on headlights, rear defrost... make sure it's doing it's job. If it's not charging then check fuse(s) in the charging circuit, wiggle wiring to it, check connections. Check to make sure you have battery voltage at B+ terminal of alternator.

Report back, and everyone stop slagging techs on this site or I'll stop helping.
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