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The car is getting drained when not driving it. I have a brand new battery and I have charger it thouroughly using two different chargers. so I know that I have a good, fully charger battery, I wonder if I have to drive or start the car again and let it sit to get the FSR to act up again. Does the FSR start running on its own out of the blue or does it just not shut off when you've been driving it ? I have another car so I am letting the BMW sit. When I charge the battery, I do it right at the battery terminals with the rest of the car disconnected. I have a fully charged battery.

Dmax, if it's a grounding issue, wouldn't I see that with my recording amp meter ?

Next thing to try is measure battery voltages, connected, unconnected, key on but not started etc...Then check the alt voltage and report back.

The FSR is my number one suspect but I have not data to support this yet, I am not sure how the FSR fails which causes it to draw power when off ? Can anyone explain this. Also if you can post a picture of the FSR power connector location it will help people once we solve this riddle. The FSR connector has to be near the glove box as the FSR is up above and inside the glove box.

Thanks for all of your help, it's just a matter of time before this issue is solved, then on to my huge 100k style maintenance. I have been buying parts for the past two weeks, VANOS seals are my next buy. Not sure if i really need to do the thermostat, I bouight the metal vaned water pump. Does anyone have an opinion on the cooling system overflow tank, should I do it ?

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