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Originally Posted by 2003 325i View Post
There is a lot of animosity on here to people who go through schooling, work on cars all day, are required to take continuing education, and end up fixing what the layman can't and do all this for a modest wage. Most techs have tens of thousands invested in tools, garages and dealerships have hundreds of thousands, yet many on here label them ALL as theives... well if a garage can't fix your problem, or overcharges you, guess what, you stop going to that garage/dealer.... what do you do? find another one, who most likely eventually, fixes your issue... only alternative is to scrap the car because it doesn't work... at some point $ will push people to this, but seeing as we're all driving 7+ year old cars, garages and dealerships continue to exist, obviously ALL techs aren't idiots working for places that are out to rob you. Finding a good garage and building a relationship on trust, which works both ways (yes as a customer sometimes you'll get a hefty bill but not all automotive is cheap or easy to diag and repair), will have you and the garage content and able to live and make a living.

Just getting tired of technicians' names getting dragged through the mud on this and other forums.

P.S. All the "you" talk in my rant was at no way directed at YOU dmax, but rather the faceless masses who can't fix sh!t themselves and then b!tch at others making a living doing what they can't but need... just like every other occupation on this fn planet. Somehow "grease monkeys" bear a lot of this brunt yet other trades like electricians, plumbers, welders, etc aren't and they make bigger dollars in most cases than technicians... well guess what, a really good tech is quite adept at all those other trades, they have to be to fix the car that you (not YOU dmax) can't.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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