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Hello everyone, thanks for all the help. I am charging the battery now, I will check the battery voltage and alternator charging condition.

What does the the "-ve terminal" connect to on the other end ? Does it go to the altenator ? I know that the pos. battery cable has 2-3 lines going to it. I never like to remove the battery from the alternator charging circuit. If the alternator runs without the battery load it can burn out.

I am interested in the FSR because I know this is a very common cause of parasitic draws and it seems to turn on by itself. I have not done anything to the car to make me think the FSR might be faulty. But as JB says the fsr can come on all by itself. I also don't have any aftermarket stuff like the infamous angel eyes, i checked for corrosion especially on the positive cable that goes to the engine compartment and found none.

here's my values

battery voltage after being charged for 10 hrs at 2 amps 12.4 vdc (charger not connected)
battery voltage while being charged at 2 amps 12.6 vdc (charger connected)
battery voltage while being charged at 6 amps 12.9 vdc (charger connected)
battery voltage while car is running 14.2 vdc

This tells me the alternator is OK, i know that the battery is good and can hold a charge. I'm kinda stumped, for the money I'm leaning towards just getting the FSR and trying it.

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