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here's what masterpro said in his post above and my reasponses in red:

"You wrote it in a way that confuses me.
Is your issue that the battery is discharging? Yes, my battery is discharging
Why are you throwing in FSR in the picture? You said the AC isn't misbehaving. Are you suggesting that the FSR is sucking juice even when the car is completely off? Yes FSR can suck juice when car completely off, see jbeurotechs post and plot, the FSR came on by itself and ran for 6-7 hrs
Then why are you measuring the door opener and not the FSR ? I'm not measuring the door opener, I had the drivers door opened and the lights came on,. so i documented my measured current draw before it went to sleep. I also measured the current draw with the blower fuses in and out and saw no change, I see no evidence that the FSR is bad but the FSR seems to be the most common fault. The FSR seems to be the most popular thing that can mysteriously turn on or stay on after the car is shut off. when i drive the car i will pay attention to the fan speed, I know it does change speeds by itself but this can be normal.

I seem to have a good alternator, good battery and less than 40 ma of current draw. maybe i'll just charge the battery completely and see how long it takes to discharge.

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