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Originally Posted by celluloidheros View Post
Hey Seth, in looking at your plot, after 6.5 hrs was the fan turning on or off. I'm not exactly sure what all the channels in plot mean but it appears like the fan was turning off after 6.5 hrs. so did thre fan come on by itself or did it stay running after the car was shut off ? i notice in the plot it says "AH" I assume this is amp-hrs, this drops steadily until; 6.5 hrs then flattens out like the fans shut off then. Can you explain it to us ?

Fan came on by its self. Ran for 6 hours then turned off. AH is the batteyr amp hours.

The tool used was a Midtronics DDR http://www.midtronics.com/shop/produ...-data-recorder

Nice tool but its 5k price tag hurts!!

Tool was installed in clients car he left and took the car home. He drove by once a week and we downloaded the data card. We could move the aux lead to different circuits till we narrowed down the circuit with the draw. Then from the circuit we narrowed it down to fuses until we caught the draw. Mind you the trace you saw DID NOT lead to the car not starting it still started barley.

the client had had this issue for 1 year and no one not even the dealer was able to solve it.

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