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Okay, I'm making a little progress, I started playing around with the climate control. i turned the car on and turned the fan to high, then to off. Even when the fan was off, i could hear a noise coming from the control box. In sleep mode, i'm drawing almost 1 amp. using my mechanics stethescope, i can hear what sounds like a motor running or a grinding noise coming from inside the a/c control box. When I pull fuses #28 (5amp) and #50 (40 amp) (associated with the blower), it makes no difference. It still is running and drawing current. I'm wondering if I need to wait longer than 10 mins for the car to go into full sleep mode. My money is still on the FSR, but it seems odd that the two fuses don't kill it. I guess I'll order an FSR and see if that works.

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