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Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
Wish I could multi quote on my phone but oh well.

I know I'm going to just start buying stuff haha. I just look into everything way to much. I still haven't decided on a lpk or about a 10 page thread on triggers and was looking at jp but your supposed to use different springs for different ammo(mil surplus vs big name vs hand loads) which seems like a pain in the ass. A standard trigger or spikes is more then I need just have a feeling when I shoot a nicer lighter trigger I'll want it. I like short triggers on my pistol(p226 with srt trigger).

Chris how do you like the ubr stock? I know its heavy, which I dont think I'll necessarily mind.

Still up in the air with od green vs foliage green vs fde. Fml right now lol. Feel bad for my gf having to listen to me bitch about all my decisions haha.

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It does add balance to the rifle, but not sure if it's worth it. I do love the futuristic battle rifle look of it too. My newest build has an Ace ARFX skeleton stock...the total other end of the spectrum. LOL
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