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My car has new disa, new beisan seals, all new intake boots, etc everything checks out and everything is new and good. I cleaned the maf and everything that I could clean over the period of 3-5 months. I updated and reflashed the ECU , But I STILL have a little bit of hesitation right before 2800rpm in EVERY gear under load. Its not noticeable unless the car is under load and only at 2800rpm.

I just went to my car and did the procedure described here and went for a test drive. I was about to sh!t myself because the hesitation is GONE and I only drove for like 20min. I only did this procedure on the intake and exhaust Vanos solenoids and there is no more hesitation. there seems to be bit in 6th gear but that just might be the uneven road. Other gears are clear.

I will do this on other connectors later on.

Thank you very much for this info.
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