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It's worth reposting on this page

Originally Posted by HyeWarrior View Post
Should be in a BMW brochure

Originally Posted by wheel-man View Post
Beautiful job... Amazing persitence and attention to detail.

I like the screwdriver in the passenger seat
Thanks brother. And yes, always have a screwdriver with me, haha. I was messing with the fog light aiming the night before

Originally Posted by BMW_Matt View Post
Jesus. That looks immaculate man!

Do you have any suggestions to "freshening" up my carpet? It is a little faded and would like to do something to try and restore the color a bit (Black)
Matt <3

Don't use RIT dye, it's not true black. It's like a dark gray. Also, don't use any sort of spray paint, it will make your carpet crunchy. Your best bet is to order some legit carpet dye online. Remove the carpet, take it to the carwash, pressure wash the hell out of it and then dye it. It will look brand new

Originally Posted by Wes View Post
Neil, get some M3 mirrors and you're set.
Do want. But they are so expensive!
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