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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
It would be the coolest thing that could happen if they don't fuuck us up.
I know all the experts claim that contact wouldn't turn out well for us, and they cite the history of humans and other animals as examples, but while a valid consideration, what they never account for (at least I've never seen any evidence of it) is the fact that they're talking about animals with enough brains to eat, sleep, and fvck. And when they refer to such encounters as us white folks and native americans or the spanish and the natives, they need to consider that we, as a race of people, are a far cry from those explorers. Fundamentally we're pretty much the same, but the mindset of a people looking for precious metals and spices to turn a profit is a far cry from that of a race of beings who value intelligent life outside of their home planet for the very fact that it exists. I think it's safe to say that if we find life on mars, venus, or anywhere else for that matter we're not going to destroy it, we're going to sit back in awe and analyze how it came to be. IMO if a being is intelligent enough to traverse space-time and land on a planet with intelligent life, they wouldn't be hostile....until some dumbazz here starts firing on them first, then we're screwed.

Quick detour: If an alien race wanted to destroy us, I think they would do it with a virus. Why send a person to do a bug's job?
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