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Honestly, I haven't heard it referred to as a hypersonic glider until after the first one crashed a few months ago. Formerly, they would say the craft had "boost-glide" capability which is more accurate.

Also I have to admit, while I find the science behind this idea impressive, I find the project as a whole to be a bit short sighted. The whole reason they are doing this is to develop a long range strike weapon that WON'T be mistaken for a nuclear ICBM. They want to be able to hit targets anywhere on the planet with conventional warheads in under an hour.

I don't understand the fiscal sense behind that. If a standard Tomahawk costs $1mm per shot this thing will probably cost $30mm. Barring the need to blow up Chinese Parliament while it's in full session I can't imaging what kind of target would make this project worth it.

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You know, the space shuttle was essentially a hypersonic glider. Reentry was unassisted by thrusters. Landing the shuttle basically consisted of holding onto the stick while it fell from orbit like a rock at supersonic speeds.

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