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I just wanted to add some things on this thread in case they come up in search results for people having issues...

This DIY is just plain awesome Tim

The only thing i can recommend is a set of ingnition wrenches (1/4" the small ones about 3 or 4 inches) was the trick for me when it came to removing the lower intake boots 2 clamps, it was a major pain in the ass but once you loosen them enough to slide them where you can access them easier. Also it wouldnt hurt to order a backup, these parts on the intake are brittle, and in case your replacement goes again in a year or two, it wont hurt having the back up on hand.

I originaly changed the boot because i heard a whistling sound, after fixing the boot the whistle was still there, but the boot was cracked, chances are yours is too. I now know that my Tensioner Pulley needs replacing.

Once it was replaced i reassembled the intake fittings and made sure every tool was accounted for, also checking each bolt before starting up. I got the "SES" light, with a scan it brought up 8 codes!


After reading a little i found these are codes relating to running lean, misfires, etc... and decided to clean my MAF seeing something might have gotten in there when changing out intake tube. A quick spray of tune up in a bottle (MAF Cleaner) on the MAF sensor wires (through both sides) and it cleared all the codes. Let it dry before reinstall (5mins)

Hope some of this babble helps someone going through the issues related to the ones i had. You guys here are great, and Tim thanks alot, your site has saved me alot of money from Stealerships. I hope this post didnt get too off track, but i had no codes before this project, after install of new the codes came up, just wanted ppl know how i fixed the codes after install. Thanks again everyone...

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