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Originally Posted by tomtom34 View Post
So ive done a little research on it, i think im experiencing a worn out motor for my drivers side front window. Whenever i roll up my window up it rolls significantly slower then my back windows, and for the duration of a automatic roll, it continues to get slower until it comes to a complete stop, anywhere from half way up to maybe an inch or two from the top. im looking for a second opinion on this and any insight would be helpful.
If you're not hearing nasty noises, then you might be lucky and get by nothing but a good cleaning of the tracks, but I don't think you'll get that lucky.

It could be something that the zip tie fix would fix...might be one arm of the regulator is loose and thus hanging up because it's not going up straight.

The motor is working, and I bet it goes down fine...and I bet if you lifted it up while it's going up, it'd go up all the way. That sounds like just regulator to me, and iirc, that was about what I had on pass side that I did fix with zip tie about 3 years ago. You might get that lucky too!

Regulator is an easy fix if it comes to that...just remember where everything is when you take it apart.

Also...a hint on drivers door. Loosen up the wires on the mirror's a pain getting it reconnected with the way it's factory wired...the connectors stay down and you'd need tweezers and an hour to hook it up. Don't ask how I know! I just know stuff!
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