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Makes me say hmmmmm.

Check it out, but I would say drive a 330 before you buy. The 330 has a good 50 more hp and 40 more torque, and thats a world of difference.

That crunch on the back corner wasn't yesterday, as it's already got some good rust setting in,. These bodies are galvanized, so they don't rust fast like an old 2002 will, and it's right on the seam where the rear panel was welded to the rest of the body, so it could be nasty repair to get right without the rust returning.

As for the front end hit, I can't tell from the pictures, but check the gaps at the hood and front doors to see how bad it was, and check the wear patterns on the front tires and see if they are even.

This car aint't going nowhere fast, and if you miss it, they'res better ones out there, so keep it as a backup. Drive a 330 first.

Have fun!
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