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Originally Posted by Rubenk View Post
How do those events work? Do I need any experience? Do I use my personal car? Do I need any special equipment?

I'd love to get some formal instructing, but i've never been on a course, and my 323 isnt exactly a track car!
No experience, use your car, and all you need is a helmet. A 323 would be fine. The slower the car the better, this teaches you to use the momentum of the car and concentrate more on braking and driving the correct line.

Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
Experiance is not requred. The idea is to drive your own car. You'll need jeans and a snell rated helmet.

My stance on the experiance thing is its not a bad idea to try just one track day before you go for a full out DE. It may depend on your instructor, but you may be pushed at a DE. Not a big deal if you've not been out though, that's the idea. To learn!
You ask any instructor and they will disagree with you. All young/new drivers care about is going fast, they could care less about how to drive or anything. That's the last thing that matters. All driving on track before (without an instructor) is give you the idea that you know what you're doing. I did this, and it was a waist of a HPT touring club. All you do is practice bad techniques. Do a DE first

Originally Posted by Rubenk View Post
Gotcha, so you're saying a track day might be beneficial before trying an actual DE(driving experience?). I guess that makes sense....
False. DE should be the first thing you do as mentioned above.

Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
I thought DE stands for drivers ed.

IDK, tbh. I've only done 2 track days, but now I'm comfortable enought to really learn a lot in just one day, and Ill be much more receptive to instructions.

You would be fine going to a DE with no prior experiance.
HPDE stands for High Performance Driving Event.

Edit: How can you recommend one thing or another is better when you haven't experienced both.

Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. So why practice something that you've never done before.

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