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Originally Posted by learthworml View Post
I came out of dental school with 300k in student loans. I had 70k in grad plus which I chose to pay off quickly. I have paid off about half, while still saving a few thousand a month. I have 40k in private and 190kish in federal loans which I consolidated at 5 percent. In the next couple of years I should have my grad plus paid off. The federal loans I am paying back over 20 years. Once interest rates start rising I will cut a check for my private loans. My loan payments are around 3500 a month =( Definitely save as much as you can and also invest your money. I try to use 20-25 percent of my income to pay back student loans, 25-30 percent for savings/investments and the rest for living expenses.
So your investments are generating reliable returns above 5%?
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