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Hey everyone.. I haven't been on here in a while (...and I see the same goes for everyone else) so I am going to try and bring this tread back from the dead with some BMW DRIFT CARNAGE PICS!!!! These were taken during Import Alliance (big, two day car show/extravaganza) at the Nashville Superspeedway. Honestly, I wasn't real interested in everything else that was going on (and don't get me wrong, there were some AMAZING cars there), it's just that I was there just to drift, and that was it.
Like I said before, I am a 240 drifter and this was my first real event in the Bimmer (which is an almost BONE stock 330i), and it was muuuuuuuuuch harder to drift than my nissan. But reguardless, I got the hang of her and had a blast.
Also, this weekend is another event (a MUCH smaller one), and I should be sliding my 330 along with my 240 on Saturday as well.. This time I'll try to get pics up quicker. None of my friends took many, so I had to hunt for these, and contact friends of friends, and so on.
(One more thing..... that drift car^ is NUTS. Tell him I'll trade my "drift" car for his! And whats the offset on those wheels!?!? Like -80???)


Line up:

On the straight:

Turn 1 (hairpin) Sequence shots - 1

Turn 1 Sequence-2

Turn 2

Turn 2 Sequence shots - 1

Turn 2 Sequence-2

Turn 2 Sequence-3

Turn 2 (from the other side of the track)

Turn 3 Sequence shots - 1

Turn 3 Sequence-2

Turn 3 Sequence-3

Turn 3 to 4 (from the other side)

Coming into turn 4

Turn 4 and exiting the course - CONE


Hope you guys enjoyed the shots! I dunno, theres just something about a BMW sideways that I just love..

I have some video too that I might throw up some links too as well....
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