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Originally Posted by dumped323ci View Post
Not really a mod, it helps clean out your engine of deposits, but i wouldnt recommend doing it on a car unless it has 175,000+ miles and was poorly maintained. Sea foam corrodes your fuel lines and can really mess with your engine if done too much. My friend sea foamed his S4 every 500 miles, and boom goes the dynamite, RIP S4.
175k miles is definitely NOT when you want to be treating your car with this Seafoam. Gunk built up in an abused motor is one of the only things keeping it from burning 1qt of oil every 500 miles.

That said, a well maintained motor will benefit from this treatment. More specifically, the M54/S54 engines should only be Seafoamed through the brake booster and gas tank. The additives in our synthetic oil are actually very good at what they do, and adding it to the crankcase is not necessary.

Show me evidence that this petroleum based product corrodes fuel lines. Your buddy's S4 went "boom" because its an Audi.
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