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Originally Posted by spiderz17 View Post
I listen to music off of a flash drive. Songs were all ripped from CDs into WMA format at 128 kbps. I can't tell a difference between the sound quality of that and a cd. So I'm completely happy with the music quality.

One other thing I've noticed that I'm not thrilled about is the fact that the Bluetooth connection with my phone usually doesn't happen automatically. Most times, I have yo go into the phone's BT settings and tell it to connect. Also, sometimes the BT connection drops. My phone is still sending the call via BT but it's not coming through. I'm using a Motorola Atrix. It's possible that these are phone issues, but I doubt it.

In addition to the issues I have with the media bridge, the display on my head unit is going out. So I'm just gonna take the plunge and get a dynavin for Xmas.

been using the mediabridge for about 3 months now w/ bluetooth.

has been rock solid, connects with phone every single time, call quality is excellent.. just wish i could initiate the calls from the head unit as opposed to the phone.

also i use the sirius module and it works great as well.

two thumbs up!

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