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Made it through another AutoX today without overheating, making 3 AutoX events in 8 days on the good old thermostat, which apparently I shouldn't have replaced so soon. Still driving around with a new Wahler thermostat (exchanged for defective thermostat) in the trunk, along with a gallon of distilled water and my tools, in case I need to change it again. But since I'm fully prepared for thermostat failure, if something goes wrong no doubt it will be anything but the thermostat...

Today's AutoX was in Marina, CA on Motorsports Reunion weekend. So close to Laguna Seca, the classic racecars, and BMW Festorics, and didn't see any of it. Instead spent the whole day writing peoples' run times on sticky notes, taking a nap in my E46, and driving circles and slaloms around a windy aircraft parking lot 12 times. Last night I adjusted my rear camber in a hotel parking lot. At the last alignment it was -1.5 degrees on each side. No idea what it is now, except it's more negative than -1.5, hopefully -1.8 degrees. Did it help? Not sure, but no spins for me today, whereas I managed 3 spins in the last two AutoX events.

The silly things I do when my family is out of town...
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