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Originally Posted by azmp1 View Post
Anymore on this?

Has anyone tried using this Mic?
Looks to be a popular noise cancelling mic. I may try it out.

Now if the issue described above (built in mic does not disable when external mic is connected) is correct that is definitely a problem and a design flaw. Jeff would you be able to confirm this with Dynavin? And if thats the case do we have a solution?
I'm not sure if that microphone would perform any better than any of the others. It's not a true noise canceling micophone, it just has some directional shielding. A true noise canceling microphone would actually be two separate microphones, which compare the sounds coming in and cancel out background noise. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything like this anywhere.

I should also mention that my car is particularly loud (afermarket exhaust), but I don't think the dynavin bluetooth performed well even before I installed the exhaust.
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