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Do you know if the throttle adaptations were reset after the throttle body was replaced?
A faulty throttle adjusts the adaptation values stored in the DME control unit. These adaptation values must be reset after the throttle assembly has been replaced.
Clearing adaptation values:
- Connect DIS Tester
- Select vehicle type
- Select "DME Motor Electronics MS42", ne carry out individual brief test
- Continue with bottom right arrow
- The "Fault pattern selection" window appears.
Select "Function selection" (bottom left)
- The "Function and component selection" window appears:
- Select "Service functions"
- Select "Drive"
- Select "Digital Motor Electronics"
- Select "Reset adaptations"
- Select "Test schedule" (bottom left)
- The "Test schedule" window appears. ne Select "Reset adaptations"
- Continue with bottom right arrow
For subsequent procedure, follow DIS instructions.
The new adaptation values are stored in the DME control unit after the engine is started for the first time
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