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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
I haven't come across anything linking strings and the passage of time, do you have an article handy? Temperature can be seen as one measure of the vibration (vibration being a measure of the energy) of a system, but I don't really see how it could be linked to time. We know that entropy and time are related, if not one in the same, and that in the end everything will be a hot cloud of fundamental particles, but again, I don't see any other link between heat and time.
I cant recall the exact article, as it was quite a few years ago.

But this article alludes to the concept.


According to string theory:
All forces and particles in nature are derived from variations in vibrations of strings. As an example, gravity is said to arise from the lowest vibration of a closed string.
There are ten dimensions in the natural world (nine spatial dimensions plus time), rather than the four of classical science (the three spatial dimensions plus time). What causes the extra six dimensions to be largely unnoticed is that they are considered to be compacted or curled up.
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